Gone with the days of guessing where your vehicles or employees are at any given time! Track and Trace knows how!

More advantages than you might think!

The question of where your mobile employees are at any given moment, or of how many kilometres they have actually travelled, can turn your hair grey.
With a decent Track & Trace system, however, which also provides a clear kilometre registration, you are able to work more efficiently.

How is this possible? By means of a black box and our website, you are able to follow the current GPS position and so much more.
All of this is possible in real-time, with a degree of accuracy up to 3 metres.

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We install a black box in vehicles, which registers all movement by means of GPS technology. In this way, you are able to know the location of your vehicles, at any given time of day, in real-time. Our servers register the position in an intelligent way and transmit this information without delay.
Gone with the days of calling to find out where they are, or interpreting plans incorrectly.



Say, for example, you want to know the route that your vehicle took. This is child’s play with our software.

You are able to view the route which was followed, based on positions, or play the actual route to get an idea of how your vehicle travelled.

In addition to our own maps, we also link to Google maps, Google Earth and Bing maps. You can choose how you want to visualise things.

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Rapid intervention

Your client requests rapid intervention. By the time you figure out who is located where, and how far they are from the client, it may already be too late.

In our application, you are able to mark a place on the map, so that you can see, in one glance, who is located closest to the place of intervention.

This will allow you to offer truly super-fast service.   



Are you always late for vehicle services? Do you incur unforeseen costs because of late lubrication?

You will know exactly when each vehicle should go in for service, thanks to our precise mileage reading.
You will be notified on time!

You are, in addition to this, able to indicate when the vehicle should go in for an inspection, when the insurance will expire, or when the leasing contract will terminate.
The possibilities are endless.


Evidential material for your clients

Do your employees have to commute from client to client, during working hours?
In this case you will also be able to calculate the travelled routes, and you will be able to include this in summarised reports.

In this way, you will be able to provide evidence of the travel costs indicated on your invoices, without delay.

This will certainly improve relations with your clients.


Actual operating hours

The systems can also be installed in rolling material, such as bulldozers and excavators. In this case, the actual operating hours are important, not the route travelled.

The black box also registers this information faultlessly.

In this way, you can plan the vehicle service more efficiently and reduce downtime, saving you on 2 cost areas.

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