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Calculate your mobility allowance easily.

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We feel at home in sectors where things change continually, or where personnel earnings are linked to the kilometres travelled or the hours worked.

We know that accuracy and up-to-date go hand in hand, and for that reason we have a very large offer of standard reports and links to social secretariats, which we always maintain.

In addition, we have an entire range of analysis reports on hand and are able to set various alarms so that our service truly becomes the kind that will help your company.
In this way, you will get far more than expected!

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Mobility allowances

The calculation of the mobility allowance can cause several problems.

It is not so simple without unequivocal time registration and because of continuous changes.

Our reports are able to calculate a correct mobility allowance, taking into account the detection of driver and passengers, with loading and offloading at various pick-up and drop-off points.


Own reports or ERP system

Does your company truly need a few customised reports? In that case, you are at the right address.

We have experts in our service who are able to create customised reports, tailored to your needs.

Do you use an ERP system?
If that is the case, we can integrate our functionalities with your system, faultlessly.

This means that you won’t have to do double the work and you will save even more time!

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Localisation reports

Track & Trace without analysis seems senseless in our opinion.
Nobody follows their vehicles at every moment of the day.

For that reason, we have numerous reports that are able to perform the necessary analysis on the information.

This allows you to consult mileage readings on a monthly basis, analyse visits, evaluate private / work travel and analyse the speeds at which the vehicle travelled, on your own.


Time registration reports

Our application also features time registration reports which will help you to lighten your workload.

We have several reports that provide an unequivocal understanding of the times related to your mobile employees.

If you have, in addition, created useful locations, then you can, amongst other things, look at how many ‘ticks’ occurred at each location and at who was active at the yard.



Our systems come with several adjustable alarms as a standard feature.

This will afford you peace of mind concerning the security of your fleet.

Has an individual operated a vehicle after working hours, or is a vehicle leaving a specific area? An SMS or email will be sent out automatically.
Our alarm centre can call you personally if you want even more assurance.

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