Project Description

Case West-Vlaams Tegelhuis

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The problem

Filip Vankeirsbilck, General Manager at West-Vlaams Tegelhuis, asked us to improve the fine-tuning of his planning, on the one hand, and to assist in a more problem-free wage administration, on the other hand.

The solution


All West-Vlaams Tegelhuis vehicles were equipped with a vehicle tracking system and a badge reader, through the professional cooperation with our team.

Employees use the badge reader system on a daily basis and the system remembers the hours faultlessly.

In addition, the people from planning are able to see where individuals are located at any given time and can perform an extensive analysis of this information.

Earnings to date

West-Vlaams Tegelhuis saves a great deal on wage administration with our application.

Now they are truly certain of the hours worked, and also know what the payment, linked to the hours, amounts to for each mobile employee.

Employees therefore no longer have to enter the information manually, which means that valuable time is saved.

The planning component also runs smoothly, because there are no longer any uncertainties, and interventions can be done at any given time.

Costing has also improved as a result of how quickly information can be obtained.

This is certainly a good aspect for a flourishing firm such as West-Vlaams Tegelhuis.