Project Description

Case Chris Vuylsteke

general contracting

The problem

Chris Vuylsteke was in need of a simple system for wage registration and also to have this information transmitted to the social secretariat automatically.

A pleasant advantage is that the company now knows where its employees are working at any given moment.

The solution

With the aid of a black box and badge reader, a watertight time registration system was installed for Chris Vuylsteke.

Working on the side and irregularities are therefore entirely unacceptable.

Based on the intelligently registered information and the connection with the social secretariat of Chris Vuylsteke, many administrative hours can be saved and employees are always certain of their performance.

Earnings to date

To date, Chris Vuylsteke is extremely happy with the system and would not want to spare it.

One not only has increased control over the mobile employees, but wage administration is now much quicker and inaccuracies are rectified promptly.

The employees also have nothing but positive remarks about GeoDynamics.

There is no longer a need to complete complicated job cards and they know that the system is beneficial to the entire company.