Project Description

Case Bakkerij Thyssen

Industrial bakery

The problem

Family business Thyssen from Sint-Gillis-Waas, has been in the pastry and bakery business since 1944.

As a result of their impressive growth and the ever changing legislation, the company had need for a good tracking system to keep the planning running and to observe temperatures.

The solution 


GeoDynamics ads its qualitative temperature registration systems to the tracking units for complex matters, such as food chain safety.

In this way, not only the kilometres and locations are recorded in real-time, but also the temperatures.

For Managing Director, Eric Thyssen, it is a pleasant form of assistance to be able to follow the temperature of his products at any given time.

Earnings to date

Eric Thyssen considers GeoDynamics a true lending hand.

With lorries that drive fresh bread out to bakeries, schools, rest homes and hospitals, at any time of day, he now has unequivocal control of the temperatures and locations of his products.

If, however, something threatens to go wrong, the useful GeoDynamics alarms will ensure that everyone is warned on time.