Project Description

Case Apro

Industrial Automation and HVAC control

The problem

Apro from Hofstade has delivered professional service to its clients since 1992.

To improve this level of service even more, the company went in search of a time registration system which could reduce wage administration in an intelligent manner.

The solution

GeoDynamics introduced Apro to their intelligent Track & Trace application, in combination with a badge system.

The mobile employees badge each morning and evening and the intelligent software of GeoDynamics calculates the wages, automatically linking this information to the social secretariat, ensuring an even greater time savings.

Earnings to date

Everyone at Apro is happy with the application.
It does exactly what was asked for and the contact with GeoDynamics is very pleasant.

An additional advantage is that many mobile employees no longer have to pass by head office to report their working hours, and this in itself already saves quite a lot.