Attendance registration for construction sites?
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Starting 1 April the construction industry faces yet another law as every employee performing construction activities must be registered with the RSZ.

Quite a burden, especially with frequently changing schedules or large teams.

Automate your attendance registration
and save time & money!

Thanks to our 8 innovative solutions, you no longer need to worry about whether you can comply with these attendance registration rules.

You can register semi-automatically upon arrival at the site rather than surfing the CheckIn@Work website all the time.

Happy customers
Registered persons
Active sites
Subcontractors per client

Created in collaboration with construction industry clients.

Our solutions are based on careful deliberation with most of our 3,000 clients. They work with all kinds of people on a daily basis and at various sites, and therefore know exactly what fits them best.

Discover our 8 solutions!

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You can check-in using your own telephone based on a simple telephone conversation with our automated telephone service. You will be informed when you can start immediately! 


Text message

Arrived at the site? Send a text message with your personal and site code. Colleagues? It is easy to add new personal codes. 



Do you have a smartphone? Use our easy to use apps for iPhone, Android or Windows to check yourself and your colleagues in. 


Activity panel

Already in possession of track and trace? Install our activity panel and easily enter your badge + site number upon arrival at the site. 


Badge reader

Already in possession of a badge reader? Registration proceeds semi-automatically based on a unique badge and demarcation of the sites! 


Construction site time clock

Working on a large site? Install our construction site time clock near the entrance and have the employees scan their badges or their QR code to register their presence.



Are you using scheduling software? Upload your file to our system and process the attendance registration automatically.



Are you running your own (ERP) system? Do not lose out of high development costs with your provider and choose our automatic link. 

GeoDynamics is the right choice

  • 10 years of experience

  • 3,000 clients

  • 33,000 equipped vehicles

  • 33 employees
  • 3 years warranty

  • Free training

  • Free service and support

  • Advanced updates

  • Solid partner RSZ

  • Own software

  • Subcontractor-friendly

  • Advanced personalisation

ConstruBadge? No problem!

Did your employees also receive a ConstruBadge?

Our solutions allow for these ConstruBadges to be used for your attendance registration.

Employing subcontractors? They too can register quickly!

What do the customers say?

Currently over 300 companies are fitted with our innovative solutions. From small companies with several employees to large constructions groups with several hundreds of employees.

Discover how they feel about our solutions.

“Thanks to GeoDynamics our attendance registration is very smooth.”

Thanks to the GeoDynamics solutions our employees are not bothered by attendance registration and can easily comply with regulations. And our back-office has little trouble implementing this considerable legislative change thanks to GeoDynamics!

– Bouwonderneming Damman


“The legislation on the attendance registration delivers many companies extra administrative tasks. Thanks to the solutions of GeoDynamics I can already automate 65% of all my presence registrations automatically. This provides great savings in both my administration and on the yard. Moreover GeoDynamics helps my subcontractors. Something which will certainly help me with the other 35%!”
Johan Verhelst, Aannemingen Verhelst
By linking the attendance registration with our existing system of time registration, our employees are not bothered by the registration. As a result the entire attendance registration process is much more seamless. And if something happens to go wrong, the intelligent software of GeoDynamics allows us to act quickly.”
Philippe Van Samang, Imtech België

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