Due consideration of the pros and cons is worth the effort.
GeoDynamics is the best choice!

Track & Trace installations are available in all shapes and sizes and there are different suppliers on the market. Due consideration is required, however, if one is to make the right choice.

Our representatives will gladly prove to you the functionalities that our product has to offer! We would, however, like to provide a few reasons, right now, for why you should opt for us.


Clients: 3,000 and active black boxes: 33,000

Since our establishment in 2004, we have already assisted 3,000 clients in the registration of their mobile employees, ranging from SMBs with only a few vehicles, to international firms with very extensive vehicle fleets. Would you like to contact a few of these companies? Don’t hesitate to ask us! There will certainly be a few firms with similar requirements


Financially healthy

We are a financially healthy and stable company and have already won several awards. We give the best of ourselves to our clients on a daily basis.
This means that you can rest assured with regard to your investment.


Complete solution

We offer a complete solution for all sorts of sectors, ranging from Track & Trace to time registration, with a personal ERP system. This ranges from company vehicles to lorries, and from privacy buttons to temperature sensors.
We are ready to grow with you and to tackle your own time registration problems.


In-house service team

We consider all of our clients equally important, and for that reason we want to offer them the best service and support. For that reason, we have a team of experienced people on hand to ensure that all of your problems and needs are dealt with as soon as possible. We also offer an initial training session, free of charge, so that you can become comfortable with our system and can use it properly.


In-house installation team

In our opinion, it is better to leave the installation process to experienced people who have your trust. For that reason, we have our own technical team for the installation process, and therefore have years of experience on hand. In this way, you can be certain that only specialists will work on your vehicle.


In-house designed software

We are proud of our in-house designed software. So proud, in fact, that we maintain and improve our software on a daily basis. We perform updates on a very regular basis, because only the best will do for our clients!


3 Year warranty

We give a standard 3 year warranty on everything and this warranty includes the cost of parts, transport and labour. In this way, you are truly certain of your investment!

The best partner on the level of telematics!

If, however, you are still not convinced, feel free to request a real-time demo and convince yourself of our solutions.
Our account managers will gladly assist you in determining how soon you will recover the cost for investing in our solutions!

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